Our methodology

Our instruction is a result of the study and appreciation of the world’s best musical products.

In an typical lesson, you will learn to sing with the right tone and articulation, while developing beautiful sound quality. The melismatic technique and vocal accents are also taught to further enhance the overall sound of each student’s voice.

You will learn soul music, folk and jazz styles and singing mannerisms of some of the world’s most popular singers. Most importantly your singing will reach new heights and you will develop your own personal singing style!

Our lessons

We teach students the most effective vocal warm up exercises that produce fabulous results.

A typical lesson consists of vocal warm ups and a detailed analysis of the piece you’ve chosen to sing. The warm ups help with developing range and correcting previously learned mistakes of improper articulation.

Children’s vocal lessons

Nearly 600 parents are convinced with the effectiveness of our vocal lessons.

We employ an individual approach to each of our students, tailoring an optimal learning plan to each of their unique abilities.

Through viewing of recorded live concerts your child will become familiar with some of the best examples of music from around the world.

Rule No. 1

Proper breathing techniques equal successful singing.

You will learn the essentials of proper breathing to produce quality sound.

Studio recording? Certainly!

After 15 vocal lessons you will experience your first studio recording.

With each learned song, you will complete a studio recording to track your vocal progress. After completing our vocal instruction course your portfolio will comprise professional recordings and cover versions of some of the world’s most popular songs.

Student recordings

Vasyl (22 years old)
Unchained Melody (Oh, my love...)

Sima (14 years old)
Not that kind

Katya (15 years old)

Daryna (13 years old)
Rolling in the deep

Daryna (13 years old)
Borova (folk)

Sasha (20 years old)
I Dont Wanna Know

Vasyl (22 years old)

Masha (32 years old)
He won`t go

Sahsa (20 years old)
Billie Jean

Vasyl (22 years old)

Student testimonials

I always dreamed of singing but just couldn’t find the type of instruction that spoke to me. But here at Pravytsya is this wonderful opportunity - a variety of singing styles, an accent on vocal technique, proper breathing and generation of sound. It’s not always easy and it doesn’t always come out perfectly, but thanks to the patience and attentiveness of my instructors, perhaps something will come of all this effort!

I have been a vocal student at Pravytsya for the last three months. So far I have learned how to breathe properly, use good standing posture and have become familiar with many musical styles of popular singers. In this short time my range has grown an entire octave! At the moment I’m learning Gnarls Barkley’s song - Crazy. I’m very grateful to my vocal instructor!

I have been receiving vocal instruction at Pravytsya for the last two years. I am extremely pleased! Everyone tells me that in this time period I’ve started to sing so much better than before. Now I can sing in many ranges, which before seemed completely impossible.

I’ve always dreamed of being able to sing but was shy and unsure. After the first lesson I started to let go of my uncertainties. Thanks to my vocal instructor I understand that I can indeed sing and sing well! I’m so happy with this result!


Individual vocal instruction

twice a week*

2800 uah a month

Individual vocal instruction

once a week*

1600 uah a month

Price per lesson (in case of irregular attendance) - 400 uah

Contact Information

Kyiv city center, 22 B Mykhailivska St., office 65

+38 (096) 909 92 42